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I aimed at the service to the needs of the customers and founded it mainly on the maintenance of the reefer containers and management in Yokohama Port.
Experience-rich engineers always cope by the management of a great variety of apparatuses and will keep the offer of the stable service in mind regardless of the night and day.

Guidance of duties

Maintenance management of the reefer containers for sea

We carry out precise temperature management and perform early detection, the repair correspondence of the deficient apparatus.

Inspection before export of reefer containers for sea

 reefer container
To each demand from customers, quickness performs it precisely in consideration of laboratory procedure and the use number, use time.

Urgent correspondence

reefer container PHOTO
We offer stable service regardless of the night and a holiday for 365 days for 24 hours.

The other accompaniments associated work

reefer container
We will cope with the a great variety of items inside and outside the terminal as much as possible.